Clara Anderson (far right middle row), our Director of Contracts is currently serving as an elected Board Committee Member with National Contract Management Association (NCMA), providing leadership to the Professional Development and Certification (PD&C) Committee. This program year, one of PD&C Committee’s strategic initiatives is to transform the future of contract management through the adoption of standard competencies and one common certification standard throughout the government, industry, and academia.

This week, Clara had the privilege to launch this initiative, “Community Through Common Language”, by addressing the contracting community, during which she was joined by Megan Dake, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army Procurement and Major General Cameron Holt, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition (Contracting). The adoption of common foundational competencies and certification standards will enhance talent mobility, workforce mobility, professional development opportunities, and organizational depth across the contracting community.

If you want to learn more about this initiative, please see the attached one-pager