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QUalified Automated Reporting Tool for Inputs and Calculation notebooks

QuARTIC™ is a software tool that automates the propagation of facility design information all the way through to the completion of a qualified code input model and companion calculation notebook, which has been verified and referenced to the design data. This provides a unique method of preparing quality controlled input models and documentation, which aids users in achieving NQA-1 compliance.

With QuARTIC™, the user begins by inputting facility design information (geometry, materials, boundary condition, initial condition data, etc.) into an Excel spreadsheet. The user also prepares LaTeX templates which contain symbolic calculations for model input which are expanded using reference data. With these two pieces of information, QuARTIC™ then automatically generates a consistent input model and calculation notebook.


  • Automated generation of consistent input model and documentation from a single set of reference data
  • Simple reference data representation using Excel
  • Document templates in LaTeX with symbolic calculations for equations
  • Lua scripting for processing equations
  • Generated input models for RELAP5 or TRACE
  • Calculation notebook in PDF


  • Consistent reference data, input model, and documentation
  • Reduced qualification burden
  • Increased efficiency in preparing documentation
  • Significant decrease in inconsistencies between the calculations, documentation, and model.
  • Improved traceability of input and document changes

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