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Risk Management Related Technologies


ISL is an industry leader in the development and application of risk assessment and mitigation techniques to identify, prioritize and mitigate reliability and safety issues in systems design and operation. ISL focuses on a holistic approach where risk management and a risk-informed posture are paramount to all elements of a system’s design and is integrated across system and organizational boundaries. In the area of System Safety, ISL promotes a framework that applies an objectives-based approach rather than one which centers on past practices, removing inefficiencies and bringing innovation to the task of developing safe systems.

ISL is well-versed in dynamic modeling and risk assessment, producing specialized tools to model the response of systems under changing environmental and operational conditions. ISL has developed rapid, spreadsheet-based software tools interfacing with performance and cost analysis models to forecast reliability of design concepts and foster trade studies. ISL has experience conducting risk and safety analyses for systems (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, Hazard Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis, etc.), making use of existing and new data to model system performance.

Areas of expertise/services include:

  • Risk Management Analysis and Implementation
  • Tools/Services (Safety and Reliability Analysis)
  • Safety and Reliability Assessment Process Development