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Artificial Intelligence, Neuromorphic Computing and DoD Acceptance Testing


ISL is focused on replicating the analog nature of biological computation and the role of neurons in cognition. ISL’s team of scientists/engineers continue to understand how the morphology of individual neurons, circuits, applications, and overall architectures creates desirable computations. Leveraging this understanding and the newly developed and emerging commercial neuromorphic chips, ISL is developing a new low-power, lightweight detect and avoid (DAA) system for very small UAS platforms that exploits automotive radar hardware, light-weight EO/IR sensors, advanced data fusion algorithms, and neuromorphic computing.

Additionally, ISL has pioneered an AI acceptance methodology that allows for DoD testing of AI solutions using essentially the same statistically based methodology in use today. ISL was awarded a US Patent for this February (see link). The methodology leverages ISL’s RF Digital Engineering tools (https://www.islinc.com/digital-engineering ).