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Waste Management and Tracking


ISL has built and demonstrated a highly competent hazardous waste management and environmental safety domain expertise.  ISL has developed software for every phase of hazardous waste management ranging from retrieval through the disposal process. 
ISL has developed numerous custom systems that facilitate the waste management process while ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local waste handling and transportation guidelines all while meeting NQA-1 standards.

Over the past several years, ISL has developed software applications and databases for all phases of nuclear waste processing, and continues to actively develop new applications and provide support to critical DOE nuclear facilities such as the Idaho National Laboratory, the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project, the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, TRANSCOM, and remediation projects at the DOE Hanford site. 


ISL has developed several enterprise software systems that implement and enforce the Transuranic Waste Authorization Methods for Payload Control (TRAMPAC) standards. 

ISL’s expertise includes the following:


  • Characterization and Certification Data Management and Approvals

  • Payload Creation and Optimization

  • Overpack Creation and Optimization

  • Disposal and Emplacement Tracking

  • Shipment Management and Tracking