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Nuclear energy is an excellent source of process heat for various industrial applications including desalination, synthetic and unconventional oil production, oil refining, biomass-based ethanol production, and in the future: hydrogen production.

For most major industrial heat applications, nuclear energy is the only credible non-carbon option. But the challenge is how to efficiently regulate, control, and appropriate the excess nuclear heat energy for industrial heat application.

ISL has solved the problem with iCLEAR® – Intelligent ControL for Environmentally Advanced Reactors

  • iCLEAR® addresses challenges associated with CO2 by simultaneously providing clean electricity and sequestering CO2.
  • iCLEAR® provides an environmentally safe high temperature heat source for processes such as sequestration,
    desalination, etc.
  • iCLEAR® is an intelligent nuclear controller that anticipates changes in electrical demand and adjusts appropriately.
  • iCLEAR® is aligned with the next wave of small, advanced nuclear reactors.

Intelligent controller that performs multiple tasks to optimize the use of nuclear reactor output.

  • Simultaneously provides clean nuclear electricity and CO2 sequestration
  • Anticipates electrical grid demand based on multiple real time inputs
  • Implements artificial intelligence to predict future usage trends
  • Integrates nuclear island with environmentally desirable processes
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Desalination
  • Production of products with economic value (carbon-based electronics, fuels, hydrogen)
  • Heat for industrial processes
  • Manages load balance maneuvers to transfer heat output


iCLEAR® Cut Sheet

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