ISL has been a leader in complex RF modeling & simulation (M&S) of atmospheric, terrain and nautical effects for over 20 years. With advances in RF and FPGA technology, ISL has migrated the outputs of this M&S to hardware in the loop testing of radar systems and the ISL R&D division is building the team to “productize” these solutions. The ISL Real-Time ElectroMagnetic Environment Simulator (RTEMES®) is at the heart of this solution. Productization of RTEMES will require ISL to take IP and experience gained from several customer RTEMES projects and make as much of a standard offering as possible; while realizing that almost all new RTEMES sales will require at least small amounts of customization. National Instruments and other COTS supplier RF and FPGA hardware is used for HWIL implementations of RTEMES.

Project Manager – this role on the ISL team will manage 3-4 development projects at any given time. These projects range from small customization efforts to baseline ISL systems to full new architectures or new projects. To excel at this position the candidate:

Must Have:

*B.S. in engineering field

*5-10 years of experience in management of engineering development projects

*PMP certification

*Proven record of managing projects within time and budget constraints

*Experience growing a team of project managers with goals of managing the group

*Ability to pass a background investigation and the eligibility to obtain a Top-Secret Security Clearance

*Authorization to work in the United States


ISL’s has several office locations nationwide and the primary R&D and Engineering Solutions (RDES) office is in Dayton OH. With the core engineering team growing in Dayton, it is preferred that the Project Manager reside in the Dayton area with a blend of remote and on-site work.

To apply: Send cover letter and resume to

Job Category: Project Manager
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Dayton - OH