Information Systems Laboratories, Inc. (ISL) is seeking a Nuclear Engineer (B.S., M.S.) with 0-2 years’ experience for a full-time position in its Energy and Space Division’s office in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Work will focus on the application and possible development and maintenance of the RADTRAD nuclear health physics computer program.

Job Description:
The Nuclear Engineer will interface with and experience the guidance of senior health physics/regulatory engineers at ISL. Work will include the application of the RADTRAD (RADionuclide, Transport, Removal, and Dose Estimation) code for site boundary radiation dose analysis to satisfy the requirements of U.S. NRC Regulatory Guide 1.183. Activities will include building model input files, executing the models, analyzing results, documentation, and reporting.
RADTRAD software development and maintenance activities will include evaluating and disposition of software bugs, adding new software features, testing and debugging software modifications, validation and verification, and documenting software modifications and test results.


  • A degree (B.S. or M.S.) in Nuclear Engineering
  • Experience in software development
  • Sound technical writing and communication skills
  • Ability to work well within a team

Desired Skills:

  • Understanding of neutronics
  • Experience with Java computer programming

Company Background:
Information Systems Laboratories, Inc. (ISL, is a high-tech, employee-owned technology-development company. ISL’s Energy and Space Division provides comprehensive support to the nuclear and space industries, including, but not limited to computer software development along the entire software lifecycle, waste management tracking, risk management, and development of regulatory structures and evaluation procedures, safety, cyber security, and analysis and assessment of complex engineering systems. ISL applies computer programs to simulate the physical behavior of commercial nuclear power plant systems during accident conditions to analyze some of the potential complex safety issues associated with commercial nuclear reactors.

To apply, please send resume to Colleen Amoruso (

Equal Opportunity Employer/Veterans/Disabled

Job Type: Full Time Part Time
Job Location: Idaho Fall - Idaho