For Immediate Release
November 2022
Contact: Sean Wooten |
(682) 503-9369

RFView® Training, Physics-Based Radar & Electronic Warfare Training

San Diego, CA: ISL is excited to continue our partnership with the Simulator Division to provide Mission Critical Electronic Warfare (EW) and Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) Procedural Training using RFView® Training, a Physics-Based RF/EW/Radar Simulation System. ISL is working on option year 1 of a follow-on contract with the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Simulators Division Innovation Program, located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, to develop a B-1B Part-Task Trainer for the Defensive Operator Station (DSO) to train new B-1B Weapon Systems Officers (WSOs).

“ISL has ushered in a training innovation to perform radar and EW simulation in real-time,” says Margaret Merkle, Innovation Program Manager. The Innovation team has been pleased with all the benefits that have come from this project. This project contributes to increases in readiness and mission success, savings in flight hour costs, and an improved instructor retention rate.”

“The combined team of the AFLCMC Simulator Division, 7th Bomb Wing Rapid Capabilities Office, ISL and subcontractor ZedaSoft, revolutionized aircrew training critical to future missions in contested and denied environments.” Dr Joe Guerci, ISL CEO.

The contract continues the development of the B-1B Part-Task Trainer which started with radar scope interpretation and procedural training for the Offensive Systems Operator (OSO) and AFWERX “Accelerating Pilot to Combat-ready Aviators” task to demonstrate a F-15E application.

About USAF/AFMC/AFLCMC Innovation Cell:

The Simulators Division’s Innovation Cell has the mission to devise avenues to marry new technologies with old problems. The Innovation Cell also recognizes the benefits offered by combining real and virtual assets during training. The Simulators Division as a whole is responsible for delivering training and simulation capabilities to warfighters. They currently manage 2,300 devices across the world that train pilots, aircrews, maintainers, etc. Having the ability to integrate all these systems would offer huge benefits to the readiness of the Air Force and the other US Services.

About Information Systems Laboratories, Inc.:

ISL was founded to tackle the toughest problems facing society, from national security to energy independence and climate change, and find sustainable and effective solutions that work in the real world. ISL’s approach is to begin with a “fresh eye” approach, questioning any and all preconceived notions and assumptions, then use a rigorous scientific, physics-based, and engineering approach to develop entirely new and often disruptive approaches that have a major industry impact, not just an incremental improvement. We are also a fully vertically

integrated “one-stop” solutions provider, from nascent ideas through to full-rate production (ISO-9001, AS-9100, etc.).

ISL is an industry leader in advanced radio frequency (RF) Digital Engineering (DE): from high-fidelity modeling and simulation via our industry-leading RFView® software, to its family of products that support the whole DE chain: RFView®-ModSim, RFView®-HWIL (hardware-in-the-loop), and RFView®-Training. ISL is also a pioneer in advanced sensor signal processing and has published numerous peer-reviewed publications including the first book on Cognitive Radar (Artech House, 2010, 2nd Ed. 2020). ISL has a successful record of commercialization (recipient of three (3) Phase III SBIR contracts) and was the subject of an Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) SBIR Success story (see

ISL is also a globally recognized leader in carbon-free advanced nuclear reactor design, analysis, and safety. ISL’s patent-pending iCLEAR technology (Intelligent Control of Environmentally Advanced Reactors) will greatly enhance next-gen nuclear technologies such as SMRs (small modular reactors) to not only provide zero carbon emission energy but achieve carbon-negative results by utilizing the excess capacity to directly capture atmospheric CO2. iCLEAR can also use the same approach to desalinate and purify water. It will not be enough to just transform our energy grid to zero emissions, we will also need to proactively clean up the damage that has been done if we are to avoid the worst consequences of climate change.