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ISL Acquires Important Nuclear Digital Engineering Tool with Multiple Applications in Other Sectors

The Mothership, San Diego, CA, June 15, 2022: ISL today announced the acquisition of the assets of Applied Programming Technologies, Inc. (APT), a digital engineering leader in nuclear power. ISL acquired, among other assets, APT’s flagship digital engineering code, Symbolic Nuclear Analysis Package, better known in the industry as “SNAP.” SNAP is the only digital engineering tool that permits a user to model empirically and visually a planned or operating nuclear power plant steam supply system (NSSS). With SNAP, a user may evaluate the consequences of design choices, safety considerations, operating parameters and rates, and maintenance among many other scenarios. SNAP is compatible with all the leading nuclear industry thermal hydraulic and neutronic codes, such as RELAP, TRACE, and PARCS, and can create a digital engineering model of a NSSS using the inputs from any of those codes. ISL acquired, in addition to SNAP, all of the SNAP “plug-ins” that permit those and other codes to be modelled in a digital environment.

“This is a key and momentous acquisition for ISL’s continued growth and future as the leading digital engineering firm in nuclear, national defense, and consumer products. What’s more, with SNAP we will soon be introducing a full range of digital engineering products that serve several sectors,” Joe Guerci, ISL’s President and Chief Executive Officer, said today.

Jason Williams, the Vice President and Division Manager of the Energy, Space & Risk Management group acquiring SNAP, echoed this strategic view, commenting that “SNAP will make ISL a digital engineering leader in nuclear, cyber security, pipelines, and other systems that can be modelled mathematically. The real beauty to this tool for digital engineering is that it allows a designer or operator to visualize and corelate the modelling data in real time to the consequences of limitless scenarios, design choices, environmental events, and about any other technical alternative or event fact pattern that one can conjure.”

This acquisition also realizes a vision that two of ISL’s retired employees, spouses Ben and Terry Gitnick, conceived of more than twenty years ago. The Gitnicks began pursuing a symbolic means of portraying the results of thermal hydraulic analyses in the late 1990s, writing the tool in programming language C/C++. Ken and Doreen Jones, APT’s owners until the acquisition, began developing SNAP in Java at the same time, foreseeing the robust maturation and widespread adoption of that programming language. APT’s prognosticative skills were proven correct as government agencies and commercial industry adopted the Java-based SNAP model, which over the intervening twenty-five years has matured into the leading nuclear modelling, simulation, and digital-engineering tool due to Ken and Doreen’s dedication to quality, excellence, and accuracy and the extraordinary technical talents of the APT team. ISL is delighted to realize the Gitnicks’ vision by adding SNAP and APT’s other products—and, equally importantly, the technical talents of the APT team, who have become ISL employees—to its own products and services lines.

“The synergistic opportunities created by this acquisition are staggering,” Mr. Williams observed. “ISL anticipates, among other things, expanding the reach of SNAP into other sectors and, more excitingly, combining it with the Corporation’s proprietary artificial intelligence systems, which will allow users to explore scenarios beyond those that the human mind can foresee,” he said.

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