George Michalakeas

George Michalakeas

Senior VP, Manager of Products and Manufacturing Division

George Michalakeas has held various positions in Engineering and Information Technologies at various capacities ranging from Division head, Primary Designer to Proposal/Account Manager and Program/Project Manager.

He has Managed large IT divisions in The City University of New York and Large Corporations.

He maintains a solid record of designing, managing, and delivering large scale projects well before the planned delivery dates in various countries ranging from USA, Greece, Bulgaria, Moldova, Austria, Hungary, Finland, Qatar & Jordan. He managed the implementation of one of the largest Data Centers worldwide and the migration of the existing one at half the planned time servicing 27 countries with full disaster recovery capabilities, utilizing a team of more than 200 engineers and subcontractors such as Accenture, IBM, Lenovo, Del, HP, Cisco, EMC. and achieved zero down time during migration.

The projects he managed from proposal to delivery, span the areas of Air Defense, Airport Security, Port Security, TAXIS-systems, National Health and Social Security, Interoperability, National Optical Networks, Border Control, Transportation and Sonar systems.

He has received several awards and recognitions through the years from his employers and independent entities.

Holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from CUNY and a Master’s degree in Information Technology from CUNY & Columbia University of New York. Has taught for more than 15 years in engineering, Physics and Numerical Analysis at the Applied Sciences and Mathematics departments at The City University of New York(CUNY).