George Michalakeas

George Michalakeas

Senior VP, Manager of Products and Manufacturing Division


George Michalakeas is a seasoned professional with an illustrious career spanning several leadership roles in Engineering and Information Technologies. As a strategic thinker and an adept manager, George has orchestrated operations across large IT divisions, notably within The City University of New York and leading corporations, showcasing his capability to navigate complex organizational landscapes.

His expertise is underscored by his proven track record in the conceptualization, management, and successful execution of expansive projects. His endeavors span across an array of countries, including the USA, Greece, Bulgaria, Moldova, Austria, Hungary, Finland, Qatar, and Jordan. Notably, he spearheaded the implementation and migration of one of the world’s largest Data Centers, significantly under the projected timeline. This project, which serviced 27 countries with robust disaster recovery capabilities, was brought to fruition with the collaborative efforts of a formidable team comprising over 200 engineers and esteemed subcontractors like Accenture, IBM, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Cisco, and EMC, achieving zero downtime during the migration process.

His project portfolio spans critical sectors such as Air Defense, Airport Security, Port Security, TAXIS-systems, National Health and Social Security, Interoperability, National Optical Networks, Border Control, Transportation, and Sonar systems. His profound impact on these areas has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades from both his employers and industry bodies.

His academic qualifications further complement his professional accomplishments. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a Master’s degree in Information Technology from CUNY and Columbia University of New York. His commitment to education is evident from his extensive tenure of over 15 years teaching Engineering, Physics, and Numerical Analysis at the Applied Sciences and Mathematics departments of CUNY, contributing to the next generation of engineers and IT professionals.