Airborne Sensor Systems

ISL scientists and engineers have delivered solutions, designs, and prototypes for surveillance, communications, and signals intercept systems, many incorporating novel adaptive processing. Our customer base is primarily the Department of Defense including Navy, Air Force, Army, DARPA, and industry contractors.

ISL is developing innovative, knowledge-based solutions to allow US forces to maintain superiority in the urban battlefield common in today’s engagements. These solutions exploit the complex urban scattering environment to accurately localize a target. Active sensors (e.g., radar) can exploit knowledge of the multipath in the urban environment to locate moving targets that would otherwise be undetected due to blockage using conventional systems. By exploiting the knowledge of the unique propagation environment the target can be accurately tracked even when no line-of-sight signal is present.

Urban geolocation solutions can accurately locate an emitter by exploiting the unique multipath and blockage at a specific site. This solution combines model predictions of the propagation environment with signal measurements to provide an accurate solution of the emitters location.